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Database start - Years - Races 2022 - Race no 18 - 2022
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  Honda Japanese Grand Prix
Date: 2022-10-09 
Location: Suzuka, Japan 
Weather: Rain 18°, Track 20° 
Length: 5.807 Km, 20 Laps 
Distance: 162.296 km 
GP No: 1065 (Not incl INDY500 in the '50th & '60th)

Winner: Max Verstappen    Red Bull RB18 Red Bull 1,6L V6 Turbo 
Pole: Max Verstappen Red Bull RB18 Red Bull 1,6L V6 Turbo 
FastLap: Zhou Guanyu Alfa Romeo C40 Ferrari 1,6L V6 Turbo 


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Drivers' representative on the stewards' panel: M Salo
Interviewer after qual: J Herbert
Interviewer after race: J Herbert & J Button
Driver of the day: S Vettel
P Gasly-start from pit lane
Red flag lap 3, rolling restart with full wets about 2h later
Race shortened because of the rain, 3h limit.
Full points awarded.
M Verstappen became 2022 F1 World Champion this race