| 2020 - DHL Turkish Grand Prix


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Database start - Years - Races 2020 - Race no 14 - 2020
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  DHL Turkish Grand Prix
Date: 2020-11-15 
Location: Istanbul Park, Turkey 
Weather: Wet, light rain 13°, Track 13° 
Length: 5.338 km, 58 laps 
Distance: 309.396 km 
GP No: 1022 (Not incl INDY500 in the '50th & '60th)

Pole: Lance Stroll    Racing Point RP20 Mercedes 1,6L V6 Turbo 
Winner: Lewis Hamilton Mercedes F1 W11 Mercedes 1,6L V6 Turbo 
FastLap: Lando Norris McLaren MCL35 Renault 1,6L V6 Turbo 


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Drivers' representative on the stewards' panel: D Warwick
Guest interviewer after the race: M Brundle & Webber, after qual: M Webber
Driver of the day: S Vettel
Rain during qual.
Norris-5-place penalty for not respecting yellow flags
Sainz-3-place penalty for impeding another driver
Russel-Start from back of grid, additional power unit elements have been used, 5-place penalty for not respecting yellow flags
First pole for L Stroll and Racing Point
First Canadian pole since J Villenueve at Jerez 1997
Start on full wets
L Hamilton secured his 7th WDC title here.